– Democracy For Online Videos

You have published a cool video to YouTube and shared the link with all of your friends and social networks. Two hours later, people are complaining that the link is dead and nobody can watch your video because some dark figure at YouTube decided that it in some way broke one of their obscure rules… Read More »

Document Historic Places With Geoscribe

Introducing Geoscribe! There is a new free community driven website that will be really exciting for professional historians as well as arm chair history enthusiasts. The site is called Geoscribe and the idea is to make it super simple for anyone to put the location of a historic or other significant event on the map… Read More »

Remote Safe Mode Reboot With VNC

Overview This article will show you how to remotely reboot your networked Windows computers into safe mode using Bozteck VENM Remote Desktop Manager with the ability to remote control them while in safemode using VNC.  As Systems Administrators, most of us have found ourselves walking into work on a Monday morning with users reporting a… Read More »

Background DNS Updates for VENM Console

Overview Starting with version 2014.3.30, VNCScan will automatically crawl your groups and update the DNS to IP resolution for each computer.  In this process, it will also ping the new IP address to ensue that it is alive.  If it is alive, it will update the “Last Up” field in the list for that computer.… Read More »

What’s In Your Lab?

I am a strong believer that every IT Professional should have a personal lab environment where we test and learn about every possible scenario before we experience or deploy it in the real world.  Mine is a bit more elaborate than most people probably have in their home but if you are in this industry… Read More »

Starting Over …

My old blog was cluttered with a mixture of personal opinions, product reviews, and just plain rambling.  I would like to strictly focus this new blog upon the type of technology related topics that we like to cover in our IT Unwrapped podcast. I have had a long gratifying career as an IT Professional and… Read More »